Airhead - Pyramid Lake

Pyramid Lake


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Airhead - Pyramid Lake

Airhead continues to impress and confound with his run of releases on R&S. His last release ‘Wait/South Congress’ found itself gaining praise right across the board. It showcased his atmospheric guitar styles as well as his deft programming skills, resulting in some trying to pigeon-hole his sound in a post rock/electronica direction.
This EP proves it not that easy to pin him down with two new tracks of fresh club music.
Pyramid Lake again showcases his expert manipulation of samples, but this time weaves them into a drunken dance groove, full of whirring percussion and heavy bass.
Black Ink is a bubbling, percussive roller that in the hands of a lesser producer would sound like a traincrash. It bounces along almost out of control and sucks you into its charms until it hits you with some uplifting, haunted chords, at which point it’s impossible to resist.


12" Vinyl Single (RS1209)
  1. Airhead - Pyramid Lake
  2. Airhead - Black Ink
Download Single (RS1209)
  1. Airhead - Pyramid Lake
  2. Airhead - Black Ink