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Organized Noise


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Source - Organized Noise

One of the great tracks to be heard on R&S Records 1992 In Order To Dance 4 compilation was the deeply mysterious “Neuromancer”. The name SOURCE had not yet appeared on any R&S release list, yet the man behind the Source, immensely gifted Swede ROBERT LEINER, had been studio manager and engineer of the labels own recording facility for some time.

It was the 1993 album Organized Noise that really turned Roberts moniker SOURCE into a household name: throughout eight elaborated avant-dance tracks he delivered a unique blend of thunderous beats, sparkling acid and trance ingredients that was greeted with rave reviews and set alight dance floors all over the global techno village. This was dance music at its very best: uncompromising, organic and brimming with pure undiluted energy. Organized Noise also launched Robert on the live front. Before he had been spinning in either techno or ambient mod now he was playing live in front of ecstatic audiences across Europe and the States.

Another piece of electronic history from R&S, now released digitally for the first time.

1 Vagator 7:10
2 Eclipse 4:36
3 Neuromancer 5:06
4 The Real Thing 6:17
5 Squeeze 5:26
6 Analysis 5:07
7 Release It 6:34
8 Beyond Time



“Lighter than a soufflé, sleeker than a panther, this fine offering from the man behind Source drifts from airy techno to pure ambience with supreme confidence.” Mixmaster Morris I-D Magazine


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  1. Source - Vagator
  2. Source - Eclipse
  3. Source - Nueromancer
  4. Source - The Real Thing
  5. Source - Squeeze
  6. Source - Analysis
  7. Source - Release It
  8. Source - Beyond Time